Monday, January 16, 2012

Raw Carrot Ginger Soup (with Kasu)

I changed my diet to raw food just over a year ago.  In that time I have learned to sprout and make great salads.  When I acquired a Vitamix blender I also began to experiment with soups.  Over time I've learned how to make good raw food.  I find that because things won't be cooked or served hot, I have to be much more conscious of how things naturally taste so I can blend flavours properly.  Texture is also more important.  I don't always succeed but my rate of success is increasing.

Yesterday I had lots of carrots in the fridge and I wondered what to do with them.  I was tired of the recipe I had been using for carrot soup and wanted something more subtle and smooth tasting.  The recipe I had been using had raw tahini in it which made it somewhat bitter.  Also there was lots of leek which also gave it some harshness.  So I decided to just go by feel and blend tastes that I know go well with carrots.  Here is the result followed by the recipe:

I don't know the exact measurements of anything but I'll attempt to describe what I mixed together.
1 avocado
kasu about 3 tablespoons (eosoteric ingredient I know but it's delicious if you can get it.  It's the lees from making Sake.  Really great fermented rice that tastes like sake.)
juice of a half of lemon (about 3-4 tablespoons I think)
ceylon cinnamon (maybe 3/4 teaspoon…if you're using a stronger cinnamon, reduce this amount)
fennel (maybe half a cup, I included some of the stem/leaves)
leek (maybe 2 inch piece from the non-green part…though that's an accident of what I had.  I wouldn't be adverse to using the green part)
ginger (1 inch piece, not peeled)
coriander (a handful of leaves)
carrots (about 6-7 carrots…I think it was roughly 3 cups)
water to the degree that you want the consistency.  I think I added about 3 cups but it's hard to say.  I just kept pouring into the blender until it was soupy.
Add the ingredients roughly in the same order as above to a Vitamix or similarly powerful blender.  Blend, blend, blend.  Fun.  Delicious.  
Salt as needed.  It doesn't turn out so salty even with the kasu. 
Garnish: rapini broccoli sprouts
I also added some sprouted beans for protein and crunch.

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